INIT INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe to be Cancelled for 2024

Return planned for 2025 at Europahalle with gold status / Planning for summer event already underway

The INIT INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe will have to be put on hold in 2024, as the originally planned return to the Europahalle in 2024 is not feasible. Holding the meeting in the exhibition hall would have been possible in terms of scheduling, but due to the enormous – unplanned – costs, it wouldn’t be feasible. The supervisory board of the organising Karlsruhe Marketing und Event GmbH approved the suspension of planning due to the enormous additional costs of holding the event again at the Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre in 2024 and to continue at the Europahalle in 2025.

“It is unfortunate that the INIT INDOOR MEETING will not be able to take its place in next year’s World Athletics Indoor Tour, but we understand that this is due to circumstances beyond their control. We look forward to welcoming them back to the Tour in 2025 in their new home” (Jon Ridgeon, CEO World Athletics)

Alain Blondel, Sports Director of the Karlsruhe meeting, was also impressed by the positive feedback from the World Athletics Federation: “The high level of trust from the World Federation is once again a sign of the incredible cooperation that has taken place around the INIT INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe for almost 40 years. Our thanks go to the World Federation and especially to the many volunteers who have been involved for years to ensure that Karlsruhe is seen worldwide in the athletics world every year. The INIT INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe 2023 was broadcasted in over 70 countries around the world, including South and Central America as well as Australia. “With the confidence placed in us and the guarantee from the World Federation, we can confidently look forward to 2025 and a successful return to the Europahalle,” Blondel continued. Martin Wacker, Managing Director of the organising Karlsruhe Marketing und Event GmbH adds: “We will return to our traditional home, the Europahalle, stronger than ever and with additional partners for the anniversary edition, the 40th meeting. Preparations are already underway for a summer event in 2024 that is similar to ‘Karlsruhe jumps’ in 2021.”

The INIT INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe has been taking place for 39 years, presenting athletics at the highest international level year after year. In these 39 years, the INIT INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe has become an institution that enjoys worldwide recognition and competes in the highest sporting league, carrying the name of the city of Karlsruhe into the world of athletics. It has also become a significant factor in shaping the city’s image. The dedication of countless athletics fans, the organising LG Region Karlsruhe as well as the organising Karlsruhe Marketing und Event GmbH are the reason why it has been possible to continue despite the very difficult conditions in the last few years with exorbitant price increases. As a result of the cancellation of the INIT INDOOR MEETING in 2024, the Karlsruhe School Athletics Championships and the LGR Youth Indoor Meeting will also not be able to take place. “We are tirelessly working to find a solution to provide students and athletes with familiar opportunities and bridge this gap. The open-air event planned by KME in the summer also aims to showcase athletics to the public,” adds Angelika Solibieda, Chairwoman of LGR Karlsruhe, regarding the situation.

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