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World-class long jump: Great distances guaranteed at the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe 2021

Regional meets international: Local hero Julian Howard faces considerable international competition.   mehr ...

Watching athletes plunge into the sand after their run-up in the long jump is always a spectacular sight. Every year, the long jump is one of the flagship events at INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe. On 29 January 2021 at the 36th session of the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe, Juan Miguel Echevarria, Miltiadis Tentoglou and Eusebio Caceres will also be lining up at the start of the long jump alongside local hero Julian Howard. The men’s long jump is part of the 2021 World Athletics Indoor Tour, where athletes compete in Karlsruhe in 2021 for points that count towards the final overall victory.


World-class trio in the hurdles sprint at the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe 2021

With Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, Dimitri Bascou and Andrew Pozzi, three medal winners at the start in Karlsruhe.   mehr ...

The men’s 60-meter hurdles event will be a fast one. Because with the Frenchman Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, his compatriot Dimitri Bascou and the Brit Andrew Pozzi, three world-class athletes have indicated that they will compete in the hurdle sprint at the 36th INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe, which this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, will take place without spectators at the Karlsruhe Europa Hall.
One athlete who is very familiar with INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe is Pascal Martinot-Lagarde. Martinot-Lagarde, who was born in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés in France and whose personal best in the hall was 7.45 seconds, competed in the event as early as 2012 and 2013 – at that time in the Europa Hall – and in 2017 in the exhibition pavilion. Andrew Pozzi has competed only once at the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe – but that one time was extremely successful. Because the 28-year-old Brit, whose indoor best performance of 7.43 seconds is still below that of Pascal Martinot-Lagarde, won the day at his first appearance in Karlsruhe. In the last men’s 60 meters in Karlsruhe he secured victory in a brilliant 7.44 seconds ahead of the Spaniard Orlando Ortega. The third member of the group is Dimitri Bascou, who won the hurdles sprint in 2015, the first event at the time in the exhibition pavilion. The 33-year-old Frenchman achieved an unbelievable 7.41 seconds, his personal best, in the hall. He first clocked that time at a meeting in Berlin in 2016, and it was the national record at the time.


World-class performances guaranteed at the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe

INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe has been a symbol of world-class athletics for 35 years now - On 29 January 2021 it will be that time again! With the INDOOR MEETING, Karlsruhe once again presents world-class sport and top athletes as part of the international World Athletics Indoor Tour.   mehr ...

The announcement of the disciplines by the World Association World Athletics has also established the disciplines for the 36th. INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe. Points for the overall victory in the World Athletics Indoor Tour will be at stake in 7 of the 12 disciplines in which the athletes will compete on 29 January.

Tour: 60 metres hurdles, 400 metres, Long Jump
Out of tour: 800 metres, 3.000 metres, Pole Vault

Tour: 60 metres, 3.000 metres, Shot Put, Trile Jump
Out of tour: 60 metres hurdles, 1.500 metres


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