Malaika Mihambo gives the "Made in Baden" award its golden sheen

The long jumper, who was born in Heidelberg and competes for LG Kurpfalz, successfully immortalised herself in the history books of sport with her gold medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer, the laudator, Alain Blondel, sports director of the Karlsruhe INDOOR MEETING, said. Mihambo has already made her mark on the winners' lists at the INDOOR MEETING. While the men started in the long jump at the last meeting, this time round it was the women's turn again. So the chances are good that Mihambo will add the sheen of Olympic gold to the INDOOR MEETING Karlsruhe on 28th January 2022. The award was also presented to KIT President, Holger Hanselka, SAP CFO, Luka Mucic, and entrepreneur, Hans Weber, in Baden-Baden, which was recently declared a World Heritage Site. The "Made in Baden" award honours personalities who have provided outstanding services to their region in many respects and who act as beacons whose radiance and shine extend far beyond the region's borders.

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